Serving El Paso since 1980.

Irma and Glen Zubia,   Owners

Irma and Glen Zubia, Owners

A dream of operating a family owned business came true for Glen and Irma Zubia. After many years of working for other companies, they set out on a mission of becoming entrepreneurs. Glen working fulltime as a Dispatcher for a local Company and Irma a housewife began to search for the ideal home based business.

In 1985, they purchased a business known has Plastic Sign Engraving and continued to operate it from a small bedroom in their home. With only a handful of customers and a Pantogragh engraver they went at it. Glen would engrave badges and signs in the evenings and Irma would call on customers and deliver the completed orders. At times Irma would deliver orders to customers with son in arms, Glen Jr. an infant wearing his own name badge that read “ Baby Glen.” In 1990, Irma continued with Glen Jr. now walking and “Baby Anthony” in her arms to visit customers.

The business continued to grow and Irma was now engraving during the day and calling on customers. In 1994, they purchased an existing engraving shop known as Badgeworks Plus (est. 1980). Irma along with her brother in law Lorenzo continued to operate the business, Irma taking care of customers, invoicing and many other duties as Lorenzo engraved. While in High school, Glen Jr. and Anthony would work after school at Badgeworks plus building trophies.


Glen left his management position with his previous employer in 2003 to dedicate himself to promoting Badgeworks Plus as a full time Sales executive. Glen Jr. is now the full time Graphic Designer and oversees all areas of Marketing and Advertising. Glen Jr. is a graduate of The University of Texas at El Paso with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major in Graphic Design) and has an interest in taking over the business one day. His younger brother Anthony graduated from St. Edwards University with a degree in Graphic Design in May of 2014.

Glen and Irma are hopeful that one day both of their sons will continue operating the family business for years to come. We continue to grow, thanks to our loyal customers and now offer a larger line of products and services to include: Badges, Photo I.D.’s, Plaques, Trophies, Rubber Stamps, Promotional Items, Banners, Signs, Business Cards and Graphic Design services.

We would like to thank everyone for their patronage throughout the years.

Badgeworks Plus looks forward to adding you to their growing list of satisfied customers.